John 4:14
“Whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst.”

As I was reflecting upon the verse I found this morning; several things came to mind. The words that came to mind were perspective, gratitude, and the joy of my salvation.

In this chapter, Jesus was travelling to Judea and passed by Sychar, a town in Samaria, where he finds a Samaritan woman whom he had a small chat beside a well.

It was a peculiar scene to the people at the time (because Jews are not supposed to interact with Samaritans). Still, Jesus, who fully understands this, did not concern himself with such rules and carried a conversation with the woman, which I find both intriguing and refreshing.

Jesus was in a position where he was not restricted by what society tells him he should do (and not do), and this shows how bold he is and what his priorities are — something I question myself most of the time, in light of God’s kingdom.

Jesus asked for some water from the woman who was getting some from the well. The woman mentioned that it had been the well of their forefather, Jacob (Just a thought: Could this have been the same well where Jacob’s son, Joseph was thrown by his brothers into?), and that she could not offer some to Jesus because of (1) societal rules [v9] and (2) Jesus had nothing to draw with [v11].

Sometimes, we concern ourselves too much with the how’s and the why’s that we forget whom we are talking to and what is really being asked of us.

Upon reflecting on this, I realized that there are 3 blessings in following Jesus Christ: (1) the blessing of freely communicating with God (2) the blessing to obey/follow God, and (3) the blessing of the reward that comes from following God.

This brings me back to the three things that first came to mind when I read this chapter. Having Christ in our lives is a blessing — perhaps, the greatest of all. Obedience and submission to Christ must be a source of our joy as Christians. And that the living water that is Jesus Christ, must be something that we are proud to have and to share with others regardless of the situation or what others (society) may think about us or in doing so.

Dear Lord, thank you for your Word today. Thank you for coming into our lives and for loving us regardless of our circumstances and personal failures. Indeed, you are our greatest blessing in life, and there can be no other way for us to live than to aspire to follow You. Help us become more like you every day, Jesus. We also pray for the people we love and those who have not yet come to know you, Lord. Use us as your mouthpiece and an instrument of your glory. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Be blessed! Happy Tuesday! :)